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TrendStone™ Surfaces Limited 10 Year Warranty
Residential Limited Warranty

Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd warrants to the original owners of installed TrendStone® for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation in your residence that the TrendStone® material will be free from manufacturing defects. TrendStone® is suitable for interior applications only. 

If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd may at its own discretion repair or replace material (i.e. unprocessed TrendStone slab) at free of charge to a qualified stone mason as a gesture of goodwill to facilitate a resolution for any claims.  Replacement material is referring to unprocessed stone and therefore does not include transport, fabrication, installation or any other associated cost in regards to installation of the replacement. Although Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd shall make its best effort to repair or replace with a best possible colour match, we cannot guarantee that the repair or replacement will be an exact colour match to the original.

It is the responsibility of the stone fabricator to ensure that slabs are checked thoroughly for any manufacturing defects, spots, colour variances, size, thickness and straightness of slabs prior to manufacture.

  • Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd warrants under this limited 10 year warranty exclusively to the original purchaser of the TrendStone® for only the repair or replacement of the defective product only and does not include any cover for associated costs.
  • Only TrendStone® products that have been distributed by Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd.
  • TrendStone® that has been permanently installed in your residence.
  • TrendStone® products that have been maintained according to the TrendStone® Care and Maintenance Guide, which is available from our website
  • TrendStone® products that have been installed by an experienced qualified stone fabricator using best industry practices.  If you are making a warranty claim, you, the customer, are responsible for proving that the product is TrendStone® and was installed by a Qualified Stone Mason/TrendStone® Installer.
What This Limited 10 Year Warranty Does Not Cover:
  • Does not cover the use of the product for commercial purposes, e.g. purposes other than residential home interior applications.
  • Does not cover installations such as boats, recreational vehicles and flooring.
  • Does not cover products installed outdoors, such as outdoor kitchens, BBQ tops, heated areas such as saunas, steam rooms.
  • Color variances, thermal shock, chemical abuse, impact damage or incorrect use or improper fabrication.
  • Slight yellowing of white/light colours can occur over time due to oxidation of residues of cleaning products not fully removed and built up over time on the surface. This process is accelerated by UV light and higher humidity/salt air environments. Is not a manufacturing defect and not covered under warranty.
  • Small blemishes, such as blotches or spots are inherent in the manufacturing process. In the event visual blemishes, blotches or a concentration of colour pigments, the contracted fabricator should report this to the distributor prior to fabrication.
  • Any additional or supplemental repairs or modifications such as, for example, any plumbing, electrical, tile or wall surface modifications that may be necessary when repairing/replacing the TrendStone Quartz® product covered under this limited 10 year warranty. Such repairs and modifications shall be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Does not cover products that have not been paid for in full.
  • Does not cover damage/defects as a result of e.g., exposure to outside weather and climate conditions, abnormal use or conditions, or abuse in any way. “Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to, damage from mishandling or misuse, damage from excessive heat or uneven exposure to weather conditions, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, physical or chemical abuse (such as oven cleaners, floor and paint strippers and other harsh chemicals) and damage from improper care and maintenance.
  • Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd is not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of nature, job site conditions, architectural and engineering design, structural movement, acts of vandalism, or accidents.
  • Does not cover seam/joint performance.
  • This limited 10 year warranty is non-transferable and does not cover claims made by subsequent owners of your home.
  • Does not cover damage as a result from improper storage, handling or fabrication by Fabricators/Installers.
  • Does not cover products that you, the customer decide you do not like after installation due to color, edging styles or other opinions based on personal preference.
  • Does not cover cracks around sinks/hot plate cut outs or cracks extending from any edges of the benchtop that appear after installation as these are caused by external forces such as impact, excessive load, thermal shock, movement of supporting/surrounding structures or stress points created by square cut internal corners.
  • Does not cover damage caused by standing on or applying excessive force to the countertop.  Never stand on your countertop, especially around the sink/cook top cutouts as well as unsupported sections e.g., breakfast bars, dishwasher provision etc.
  • Whilst TrendStone Quartz® is highly scratch and stain resistant they are not stain and scratch proof.  We recommend any spills be wiped up immediately and never cut directly on your bench top or drag heavy/sharp objects across your bench top.  This warranty does not include generally excepted wear and tear over the life span of the product.
  • Do not place crock hot pots or electric skillets directly to your TrendStone Quartz® surfaces. Always place them on a trivet or cutting board to protect your countertop. TrendStone Quartz® is a stone product. As with any stone product, excessive exposure to heat may cause cracks due to thermal shock.
  • Thermal shock can result from heat generating sources such as hot water pipes, cook tops and dishwashers.  We recommend that all pipes be thermally insulated and tap holes are sufficiently oversized to avoid heat transfer.  Dishwashers can generate significant amounts of heat.  It is therefore recommended that moisture resistant MDF board is installed as a heat barrier between the dishwasher and the TrendStone Quartz®.  Cook tops should be installed as per manufactures guidelines and Australian Standards.  Sufficient space should be allowed between the cook top and surrounding quartz bench top edge to minimize heat transfer.

To register for this limited 10-year warranty please fill out the warranty registration form and post to the below address. To obtain a registration form please contact Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd at the phone number or address below or download from the website

To Obtain Service Under This Warranty:

To obtain the best service under this limited 10 year warranty, contact the source from whom you purchased TrendStone®. Please retain your invoice/sales receipt or produce proof of purchase and installation of TrendStone®. This document must state date of installation and fabricator details. For more information about this warranty, please contact

27-31 Radley Street, Virginia QLD 4014 Australia
Ph: 07 3865 3866 Fax: 07 3865 3864
Email: /

In order to obtain service under this limited 10 year warranty, you must notify, in writing, Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd along with the Fabricator/Installer of the TrendStone® product within 28 days to arranging inspection at your residence. Also, you must reasonably cooperate with your installer and Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd representatives in their efforts to provide service under this limited 10-year warranty.
Except as provided in this limited 10 year warranty, Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss of direct, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use or in ability to use the product in residential applications covered by this warranty.
This is the only warranty offered by Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd and only for TrendStone® products. No one other than Project Stone Australia Pty Ltd is authorized to make any warranty or promise with respect to TrendStone®.

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