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TrendStone™ Quartz Technical information

TrendStone™ Quartz is an engineered stone manufactured from up to 93% quartz and the balance made from polymer resins and pigments. Quartz is one of the hardest natural stones on earth, making TrendStone™ Quartz a naturally strong and non-porous product.

TrendStone™ Quartz offers the largest slabs currently available in our market at 3200 x 1600mm. Most other comparable quartz products are available in much smaller slabs that are only 3060 x 1440 mm. TrendStone™ Quartz Super Size slabs provide you with the ability to minimize unsightly joins in countertops and provide more economic cutting of your countertops that will save you money.

TrendStone™ Quartz has carefully researched our market to offer you an outstanding collection of 36 exciting colours most suitable for the production of your client’s quartz surfaces.

The high quality, large size slabs, and vast colour range of TrendStone™ Quartz slabs provides architects and designers with more options to explore their creative talents. Through superior strength, incredible colour range and Super Size slabs, TrendStone™ Quartz will be the preferred Quartz surface for your clients.

Your architect/designer/cabinet maker/stone fabricator should always confirm stock availability prior to specification.

Slab Nominal Dimensions: 3200mm x 1600mm
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 1mm
Slab Thickness: 20mm and/or 30mm
Slab Weight: 20mm – 50kgs/m² – 255 kgs/slab – 30mm – 75kgs/m² – 384 kgs/slab.
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Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry