Specification and process

1. Specification
After your visit to our showroom/warehouse our staff will provide you with a completed customer enquiry form, which will have all the necessary information about your stone selections.  You will need to pass a copy of this form to your Stone Fabricator, Kitchen/Cabinetmaker or Builder.  On receipt of your confirmation the contracted stone fabricator will need to issue a purchase order to us to reserve your selected stone.

2. Quotation
Based on the specification information we provide you, your chosen Stone Fabricator, Kitchen / Cabinetmaker or Builder will typically provide you with a finished and installed quotation. This quotation will already include the cost of the stone slabs required for your project. Once you have accepted the quotation, your provider will normally ask for a deposit as confirmation of order.

3. Site Visit
Once the cabinets are in place the stone fabricator contracted to do your project will first conduct a site visit to collect the templates provided by your cabinetmaker and/or conduct a site measure/check if necessary.

4. Fabrication
The most suitable slabs of stone from the batch/block you have selected is then collected by the stone fabricator from our warehouse and transported to their factory for processing. The stone fabricator uses precise machinery at their factory to cut the slabs to the requested dimensions, along with all the edge profile work and required cut outs so that your counter tops are ready for installation.

5. Installation
The finished stone is transported by the stone fabricator to site, where it is installed.

About the process
If you have any questions in regard to the process or you would like more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.